Sunday, November 23, 2008

"NEST" Charitable Trust...

Give your Helping Hand...

Hello All...
When i was at orkut (A social interactive application), i found one charitable trust doing good in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Its name is NEST charitable trust (Nuzzle for the Elderly and the Socially Tormented) and its main aim is to rescue Elderly, woman & Child, Education, Community Developement, HIV/Aids, Adolescent, Health and socially challenged. Its going good and taking care of many children in which some of them are so little and those who are left for their fate by the parents and so on.
If we are not cared by parents and if we have to stand on ourselves its pretty difficult for us now. How can at the age below 10 can survive without any support? The home you see here is run by Mr.Jesu who dedicated his life to these children. So lets join our hands and help these children too. Remember anything strats with one and ends in many. So let us be the one and start helping them. Let us help and make them as a good citizens. I will provide all additional information you need about this. Please make contributions. Please help others.

The organization's email is and the contact person is Harish kumar Mythili at 044-65311236. Please make a call and find out the situation of the poor children who are suffering for the minimum needs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Help these CHildreN

Please Help as much as You Can...

Hello All.... I have recently visited Help Orphan Children Community in and i saw a post there. It is really heart touching. Its about a home which rescued many orphnas. The orpangange name is Uthavum Ullangal, located in KTC nagar (kamaraj colony), Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, INDIA. There are above 60 childrens studying from 1st to 11th. who dont have family. Its was run by founder madam Mrs. D.Venancia Devi. She is running by sponsers only and no external aids, still waiting for the support from others. The house rent cost above Rs.12000/- monthly and they need food and cloths along with education. They are facing a diffucult situation to run the home and she has even kept her jewels in bank to pay the house ren. It is a heart touching situation and Please make donations to them. I am mentioning the details of the people whom you can contact and find out about them here.

Their contact numbers are: 0462-2573349 and

Please call them and find out the situation. They are really in very bad situation. I request you to please MAKE DONATIONS.

We are fortunate enough that we are supported by parents and get a life what we want. But for these people getting food for one day is a big deal. I magine if we dont have shelter and food for a week, how the situation could be... Terrible. is nt it...? Please Please donate something. Your contribution may be One rupee but it is very valuable for them. It chnages their life. Please save their life. Please give them a helping hand.

You can deposit the money to the ICICI account no 613501094202 on UDAVUM ULLANGAL MINORITY EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST.Else you can contact me at 001-313-404-1066 for others options to send money. I will take care to reach the money properly. If you need more info i can send you the details. Please leave your comments for more info.

You can also contact directly the guy who works for this Orphan home directly. His name is Elanchlian Badri and his no is 09890380686.

I request you all please make donations.

Note: The pictures in this topic are taken from the Orphanage home mentioned above.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Call 1098

Hello every one...

Daily we see lot of street children who are in real need. Most of the street children in India is seen in India are found in Mumbai. To protect the children in Mumbai, first CHILD LINE is started and now working over 81 cities and will cover more cities in next few years. The Main idea is to protect the rights for the (Street) children.

CHILD LINE focuses mainly on
- Street children and youth living alone on the streets
- Child labourers working in the unorganised and organized sectors
- Domestic help, especially girl domestics
- Children affected by physical / sexual / emotional abuse in family, schools or institutions.
- Children who need emotional support and guidance
- Children of commercial sex workers
- Child victims of the flesh trade
- Victims of child trafficking
- Children abandoned by parents or guardians
- Missing children
- Run away children
- Children who are victims of substance abuse
- Differently-abled children
- Children in conflict with the law
- Children in institutions
- Mentally challenged children
- HIV/ AIDS infected children
- Children affected by conflict and disaster
- Child political refugees
- Children whose families are in crises

Its is for the children of the ages 0-18. CHILD LINE operate on 24x7. They reach the child within 60 min (at most). They not only respond to the emergency needs of children, but also link them to services for their long-term care and rehabilitation.

So when ever you see a vulnerable child please call 1098. Please rescue a child life.
  • Call 1098 when to see any child in distress
  • Tell every vulnerable child you see, about CHILDLINE 1098
P.S: Don't misuse the service. Please don't make fake calls and trouble them

Caution Warning : We understand there is a chain mail circulating that says - one should call up 1098 to pick up left over food after a party etc. so that it is not wasted. We are India's only and most widespread Children's phone emergency outreach service [1098] for children in need of care & protection. We do not pick up food or distribute food. This mail is not initiated by us, kindly do not circulate it. Your co-operation is appreciated.

(I have recently changed the content of this topic. Before, the use of 1098 is wrongly interpreted. Sorry for making a wrong post. I apologize and express my gratitude to Mr. Sameer Vedula who has gave me the right content for this topic)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Help The Poor... Give your Hand...

Hello All,

I have a small request to all of you. We see many people who are crying with hungry and without cloths on road side and no one cares about them. Most of them are little children. We are lucky enough to be cared. Our parents provide us everything. But nobody cares the people on road side. Please give them food. Don't give money because the Anti Social Elements who are raising them can take the money. Moreover they cant properly utilize the money. So if we want to help them then we have to buy some food and give them. If we relieve their hunger for a day then it will be enough. The rich people always try to become richer, politicians always try to increase his BLACK Money mean while poor people are growing poorer. So we can only help them.

Also we can give sweaters and cloths which we no longer use. We some times, if we have enough money, can buy new dress also for them. So we have to collect the cloths from all the people which no longer they use from others and give them to the street children who don't have minimum needs. Its really sad that no one care for them as our parents care for us. So lets put our hands together and help the children to our extent. Please Help the Poor.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Project Zero

A Real Situation in INDIA...

Hello all... Nice to see you here. The most terrible situation India is poverty. Crores of people are suffering with poverty and still lot more are becoming... Its astonishing that mainly children are suffering from poverty. Most of the children came out of the home in their childhood for some reason and becoming street children. Some of them are becoming beggars and come as workers etc. They are addicting to drugs and other addicts with the money they earned. Its the real situation in India. Here are some videos to look at them...

Street Children I:

Street Children II:

Railway Children in India:

So if you see some kids with no one for them ( in streets, railway stations, bus stations etc) please ask them for their parents and bring them back to their home. If they don't have anybody then join them in near by orphanage. Their future is in your hands. If we ignore them, tomorrow they may become an anti social element to our society. So Please help the street children and save Indian future.

Monday, June 16, 2008

All We Need is Information

Hello all...

I know that many of the people want to help the others or poor people or children... But they think that they really need money to help them. Its not correct always. Reality is that most of the time you don't need money to help others. All you need is to provide information and your helping hand. Let me tell you about this in detail.

If you find an orphan in the streets or in a railway station or in a bus station, then you can join him in the near by orphanage. To do that all you need is to know near by orphanage. If you find old men then you can join them in old age homes which accommodate the old people for free of cost. You find one near to your location and join them in it, at least they can get food and shelter. If some one is looking for money support for education or surgery etc. then you can tell them where they can get the scholarships for their study or the inst offering the education for free of cost. In case of surgery etc. you can provide information for them about the inst.s where they make surgeries etc. for less or no money.

So people all we need is information MOST OF THE TIMES. So we can search and give the information. Its in our hands. So please don't delay. Get the information required and distribute between the people. Please know the near by NGOs or Orphanages or Old age homes etc. also know about the inst where people can their needs for low cost or for free. If you know about them please post them in comment section. I will make it available for all others. Wake up.. and Know the information and pass it on...

Please Pass This to All...


The cost of heart surgery is unaffordable for almost all of people (mostly children) requiring it.
There is an institute in Bangalore, India which performs many kinds of heart surgeries for free of cost. Here i am mentioning the addressess.
The Satya Sai Inst of Higher Medical Sciences at Puttaparthi provides heart, kidney, and eye surgery. The hospital is entirely free: nothing is charged for operations, doctors, nurses, or hospital bed. Same in the case of Bangalore also.
In Bangalore, Karnataka:
INDIA-560 066

PHONE : 091-080-28411500
FAX : 091-080-28411502
Email :

In Puttaparthi, Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh:
INDIA 515 134
PHONE : 08555-287388
FAX : 08555-287544

Please pass this to all you know....
Its really shocking that lot of the children and other people waiting the response to get help. So don't delay please take out sometime to pass it on and help them. your passing message may help one's life...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Orphanages& NGOs

concerned with Visakhapatnam, A.P.:
This is the list of orphanages in india…
There are 4 orphanages found in vizag… Look at them search for Visakhapatnam on the page.

This the list of oldage homes in vizag..

This is the list of Orphanages in vizag.. click on the orphanage for its details like address…

These are the Social Welfare Organizations in Vizag… find out what activities they are doing…

Take a look at this…

See this youtube video about the project in vizag…

please pass this information to all..
Help others and Help Humanity.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children in India

Please Spend a min... Look at this...

India is the worlds largest democracy with a population of over a billion-400 million of which are children. India is known for its multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious background. It has 15 official languages and 36 states and union territories. There are approximately 673 million Hindus, 95 million Muslims,19 million Christians, 16 million Sikhs, 6 million Buddhists and 3 million Jainsin India. Approximately 26% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line and 72 % live in rural areas.

It is estimated that India currently has 5.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS and about 310,000 persons died of AIDS in India in 1999. UNICEF estimates that 30,000 babies are born HIV positive each year. Even thought the percentage of the Indian population infected with HIV/AIDS is 0.9%, it has the second largest number of people infected with HIV/AIDS in the world, the first being South Africa. Despite the many recorded gains in the recent past, issues such as gender inequity, poverty, illiteracy and the lack of basic infrastructure play an important role in hindering HIV/ AIDS prevention and treatment programs in India.

The impact of the AIDS crisis has not begun to fully emerge in India and AIDS related orphaning has not been documented. Yet, it is estimated that India has the largest number of AIDS orphans of any country and this number is expected to double in the next five years. Out of the 55,764 identified AIDS cases in India 2,112 are children. It is estimated that 14% of the 4.2 million HIV/AIDS cases are children below the age of 14. A study conducted by the ILO (international Labour Organization) found that children of infected parents are heavily discriminated-35% were denied basic amenities and 17% were forced to take up petty jobs to augment their income.

Child labor in India is a complex problem and is rooted in poverty. Census 1991 data suggests that there are 11.28 million working children in India. Over 85% of this child labor is in the country’s rural areas and this number has risen in the past decade. The girl child is particularly vulnerable. Even though the Indian government has passed over 9 acts prohibiting and limiting child labor, the number of children in the work force has not diminished. Conservative estimates state that around 300, 000 children in India are engaged in commercial sex.
Its shocking that Child prostitution is socially acceptable in some sections of Indian society through the practice of Devadasi. Young girls from socially disadvantaged communities are given to the 'gods' and they become a religious prostitute. Devadasi is banned by the Prohibition of Dedication Act of 1982. This system is prevalent in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Tamil Nadu,Kerala, Maharashtra,Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Assam. More than 50 % of the devadasis become prostitutes: of which nearly 40 per cent join the sex trade in urban brothels and the rest are involved in prostitution in their respective villages. According to the National Commission on Women an estimated 250,000 women have been dedicated as Devadasis in Maharashtra-Karnataka border. A study conducted in 1993 reported that 9% of the devadasis are HIV positive in Belgaum district in Karnataka. Human Rights Watch estimates that approximately 18 million children live or work on the streets of India. Majority of these children are involved in crime, prostitution, gang related violence and drug trafficking.

Eventually all patients with AIDS cases in high risk states are to be treated. A new law is being drafted under which doctors will no longer be able to refuse treatment to people with HIV and discrimination against children with HIV will also be banned . Harsher penalties for selling fake medicines or making claims about the effects of untested medicines are also likely to be included in the legislation. There are approximately 470 NGOs working with vulnerable children in India and 30 directly work with AIDS orphans.
Please Help the AIDS orphans and poor children. If you find some one Please Join them in nearby one of NGOs or in an Orphanage.

Help The Children

Hello all...Good to see you here... I am Potluri (I like to all call me so). Almost all of us are well educated and all needs. But think about a minute about the children who don't have food who don't have cloths, who don't have shelter and who don't have education.... Its really sad about them... But don't leave the matter there by expressing your grief to them.. Please do something. If they are starving then give them a meal. It costs you nothing for you but much much for them. If they don't have cloths at least give them which you don't use anymore. If they don't have shelter, there are many orphanages where you can join them and help them to study... Please don't wait for the politicians or others to do it. Because its our responsibility as a citizen to help the other citizens. Tomorrow Indian future depends on children now. So help them to let your children live in a better society. Dint let them to become thieves, criminals or beggars... please help and let them become a doctor, an engineer or a layer etc. If one out of all who read this will help them then there is a real meaning for this blog...

Hello all please leave your comments here...