Friday, June 13, 2008

Help The Children

Hello all...Good to see you here... I am Potluri (I like to all call me so). Almost all of us are well educated and all needs. But think about a minute about the children who don't have food who don't have cloths, who don't have shelter and who don't have education.... Its really sad about them... But don't leave the matter there by expressing your grief to them.. Please do something. If they are starving then give them a meal. It costs you nothing for you but much much for them. If they don't have cloths at least give them which you don't use anymore. If they don't have shelter, there are many orphanages where you can join them and help them to study... Please don't wait for the politicians or others to do it. Because its our responsibility as a citizen to help the other citizens. Tomorrow Indian future depends on children now. So help them to let your children live in a better society. Dint let them to become thieves, criminals or beggars... please help and let them become a doctor, an engineer or a layer etc. If one out of all who read this will help them then there is a real meaning for this blog...


Anonymous said...

hello everyone... iam really proud of my nation that though being far from it its children are very much concerned about it... i would like to tell all those students of vizag that there lies an organization called YUVA which is totally run by students fron different disciplines working together to help children who are needy please do go through the community and interested youth can render their services too... thanks you... the link is
hope to see u there...

Anonymous said...

Hi potluri,
Nice blog here, keep up the good work. I'll add you to my blogroll so that the word can spread around, and there will be more people thinking of those less fortunate than themselves.

Subhash Bakshi said...

Children are invariably described as a treasure and future of mankind. It is because of this premise that their development has been considered of paramount importance. Nevertheless, denial of adequate opportunities for their development and various forms of discriminations and exploitations to which they are subjected have made the world community review the conditions in which they are brought up and take several steps for their protection, well-being and development.We have identified the following four areas for the welfare of children.
• For the children living in remote areas of Naxalite infested Jharkhand where poverty is rampant and living conditions harsh , where parents migrate to seek livelihoods children are forced to work in brick kilns or left abandoned we run two English medium schools where six hundred and eighty children are taken care of. But for our efforts these children would have joined the ranks of Naxalites.
• Due to Naxal problem and violence in these areas there are thousands of orphans. There are 35 million orphans in India.We have opened two world class orphanages at Surat and Kanpur where over two hundred orphans are receiving high class education at par with the best of public schools.
• Plight of street children in India is perhaps the worst in the world. We have over ten million children forced to live and die on roads or live in slums where the living conditions are not even fit for the animals. we are running a school for slum children and rag pickers at Faridabad where thousand children are taken care of.
• With erosion in our traditional value system we run a Gurukul to impart our traditional knowledge of scriptures along with the modern education to those children whose parents want to dedicate them for the cause religion and to restore the value system.
Today, there are millions of children in in our country who have no parents, food, clothing, or access to medical or emotional care. While the majority of these children are dying from malnutrition, their living conditions are poor are deprived of the basic right to live , how can we be the mute spectators ? Maharaj ji has given a clarion call to serve God in these helpless children to bring back the smiles on their faces, to remove the anguish and distress from their lives and to share our love with these unfortunate children.
Child Sponsorship is a unique relationship between you and your sponsored child. When you become a Sponsor, you will help a child break free from the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope. It is also a relationship that extends to the child's family and the community.
• Have you ever held a poor dying baby in your arms?
• Have you ever seen a mother in tears because she cannot look after her poor children?
Have you ever seen poor children so deformed that you cannot bear to look into their eyes?

Have you ever watched a poor little child play, knowing that the only thing her parents left her was the AIDS virus?

Have you ever seen poor children beg for the very things that we throw out?

Do you know how mockery feels?

Or what it's like to be forgotten, to be avoided, betrayed, abused, given up...

Do you know hopelessness? Shame?

Do you know what it means to be poor?

They have nothing to eat, but to starve, to die every day a little more?

Do you know the feeling when you see your friends playing while you have to work?

Have you ever been moved by the fact that thousands of poor children die each day?

Have you ever thought 'that's awful! Somebody should do something?

Have you ever realized that someone could be you?

Have you ever cared enough to help in some way?
Subhash Bakshi(