Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Story of a Street Children....

Hello Guys,

I am going to tell you a short story regarding a street children today. In this REAL story there is boy named BOY (i dont want to reveal his name here). He is 12 years old from a poor family. He has a younger sister. He never go to school as he is so poor. He was working with his father as a worker in the farm in his childhood. His father is drinker and imagine how the home would be, its like hell everyday. One day when the BOY returned to his home, in the night his father came drunk and beat him and his mother like a beast. He didnt tolerate it any more and planed to escape from home. Finally the very next day he left home and went to city. In the city he was collecting the papers and glasses form the trash. We was a hopeless. No sufficient food, Starving and using the earned little money for drugs, cigaretts and drinking. He is loosing his Beautiful childhood. Now who is going to Help him. There are lot of people like this BOY in the STREETS, in the RAILWAY STTIONS, in the BUS STANDS... We see everyday but we dont care them. We try to give some money. But is that very helpful ot them. Is it sufficient to lead his life. I am not saying to donate lot of money. ATLEAST JOIN THEM IN THE NEAR ORPHANAGES OR CHILD HOMES... Please save their childhood. If we all indians take care of the poor then they will take care of the next generation. Atleast we can guide them in the right way, not just leaving them alone. We can give a support to them. We can stand beside them. Lets give them a beatiful life. Lets give what we got in our childhood, lets keep them smiling and make them well educated and to grow them as a good citizens.