Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adopt an Orphanage...

Most people believe that if we collect money and give food for Orphans (I am Sorry to day this) for a day is not enough. I understand it but the intention must directed towards supporting organizations who already serving orphanages.

Firstly one has adopt an orphanage. After that collect and fund money for that orphanage. Try to spend your free time with those children and try to teach for the lower classes (as a teacher). After a while with your valuable services, one has the CHANCE to join a street children in that orphanage/organization.

But there are Several points to discuss here about street children:
1. Not all street children are home less, some are escaped from home. If we have will, we can get them back to home.
2. Some street children are robots in the hands of some anti social elements for earning money.

So if you adopt an orphanage in one way you are serving the organization/orphanage and in other way you have a chance to join children in streets in the orphanage.

REMEMBER, Doing all this is not a one day effort but has to be done with LOT of Dedication. Please do dedicate some of your life time to serve humanity.

CIVIL Rights... Are they for Males or Females?

Hello my dear friends,

It is fortunate that Indian Constitution has CIVIL rights for all the citizens. But today (not only today from childhood onwards) i wonder whether the rights are for Humans or not. Most of us seems not aware of them (because it is not one of the property or voting right). Civil rights has to provide a natural protection and state of living to humans by the Government. I see they are preserved mostly for Males.

1. A Male is not killed when he is born
2. He is not arrested inside the social and cultural walls (I mean he is given freedom to do what ever)
3. Forgiven if he commits a mistake (How big it might be)
4. Most important thing is MALE DOMINATION SOCIETY (I hate to hear and say this but no option now)

Its our society. We should protect it. Females also need same rights and equal proportions of opportunities and protection.

OHIS (Our horrible Indian Society, of course we are part of it) kills a female at the time of its birth itself. After its birth, house arrest and prohibits to undergo education. Up to the end of the life come across harassment and abuse. We need to care about females too. I am a part of this society and i support CIVIL rights. (I know this wont help our govt which is hungry for money). If you want to preserve Civil rights please join with me.

P.S: Many of you are fortunate to be cared (equally as males) . But my concerns are about those who are not cared.