Sunday, November 16, 2008

Help these CHildreN

Please Help as much as You Can...

Hello All.... I have recently visited Help Orphan Children Community in and i saw a post there. It is really heart touching. Its about a home which rescued many orphnas. The orpangange name is Uthavum Ullangal, located in KTC nagar (kamaraj colony), Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, INDIA. There are above 60 childrens studying from 1st to 11th. who dont have family. Its was run by founder madam Mrs. D.Venancia Devi. She is running by sponsers only and no external aids, still waiting for the support from others. The house rent cost above Rs.12000/- monthly and they need food and cloths along with education. They are facing a diffucult situation to run the home and she has even kept her jewels in bank to pay the house ren. It is a heart touching situation and Please make donations to them. I am mentioning the details of the people whom you can contact and find out about them here.

Their contact numbers are: 0462-2573349 and

Please call them and find out the situation. They are really in very bad situation. I request you to please MAKE DONATIONS.

We are fortunate enough that we are supported by parents and get a life what we want. But for these people getting food for one day is a big deal. I magine if we dont have shelter and food for a week, how the situation could be... Terrible. is nt it...? Please Please donate something. Your contribution may be One rupee but it is very valuable for them. It chnages their life. Please save their life. Please give them a helping hand.

You can deposit the money to the ICICI account no 613501094202 on UDAVUM ULLANGAL MINORITY EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST.Else you can contact me at 001-313-404-1066 for others options to send money. I will take care to reach the money properly. If you need more info i can send you the details. Please leave your comments for more info.

You can also contact directly the guy who works for this Orphan home directly. His name is Elanchlian Badri and his no is 09890380686.

I request you all please make donations.

Note: The pictures in this topic are taken from the Orphanage home mentioned above.


dilmainhainpyar said...

hey prudhvi

thanks alot for the info frnd..will defly work to help them with something i can do..

i am already into service to people thro' our own project (named AKANKSHA)
if u r intrested you can check out our blog

POTLURI said...

Thank you Very much Yamini... Please continue to support Orphans and homeless. We have more people to take care of. Once again i appreciate your support.

prudhvi potluri

Anonymous said...

hey hi..!!
I must say u have taken the right step..I got impressed the way u work..keep it up..but my suggestion is that by reading ur post it feels that u work on regional level..plz extend it upto national level..means giving more information at national level...wish u best luck..!!

POTLURI said...

Hello... I dont know who posted the Comment but thanks to you. I will definitely improve it and make more information available. If i have a support from people like you then i could do more than i expect. Once again thanks for your support. Please keep helping the poor...