Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Help The Poor... Give your Hand...

Hello All,

I have a small request to all of you. We see many people who are crying with hungry and without cloths on road side and no one cares about them. Most of them are little children. We are lucky enough to be cared. Our parents provide us everything. But nobody cares the people on road side. Please give them food. Don't give money because the Anti Social Elements who are raising them can take the money. Moreover they cant properly utilize the money. So if we want to help them then we have to buy some food and give them. If we relieve their hunger for a day then it will be enough. The rich people always try to become richer, politicians always try to increase his BLACK Money mean while poor people are growing poorer. So we can only help them.

Also we can give sweaters and cloths which we no longer use. We some times, if we have enough money, can buy new dress also for them. So we have to collect the cloths from all the people which no longer they use from others and give them to the street children who don't have minimum needs. Its really sad that no one care for them as our parents care for us. So lets put our hands together and help the children to our extent. Please Help the Poor.