Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Life Foundation (NLF): a NGO

Hii Friends,

On 17-10-2009 we are going to visit an orphanage Venkojipalem (Vizag, andhra pradesh) which is consisting of 60 children. (Our 1st Event At Vizag)

We Hope That U All Attend This Event And Make It Success.

Seva Saraswati Sadhu Matham Orphanage,
Near Haniman Statue, Venkojipalem, Visakhapatnam - 530022

For more details please contact:

Harikrishna: 9989676852
Chandra: 9703929469

New Life Foundation (NLF)
-Invoking Innocent Smiles

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adopt an Orphanage...

Most people believe that if we collect money and give food for Orphans (I am Sorry to day this) for a day is not enough. I understand it but the intention must directed towards supporting organizations who already serving orphanages.

Firstly one has adopt an orphanage. After that collect and fund money for that orphanage. Try to spend your free time with those children and try to teach for the lower classes (as a teacher). After a while with your valuable services, one has the CHANCE to join a street children in that orphanage/organization.

But there are Several points to discuss here about street children:
1. Not all street children are home less, some are escaped from home. If we have will, we can get them back to home.
2. Some street children are robots in the hands of some anti social elements for earning money.

So if you adopt an orphanage in one way you are serving the organization/orphanage and in other way you have a chance to join children in streets in the orphanage.

REMEMBER, Doing all this is not a one day effort but has to be done with LOT of Dedication. Please do dedicate some of your life time to serve humanity.

CIVIL Rights... Are they for Males or Females?

Hello my dear friends,

It is fortunate that Indian Constitution has CIVIL rights for all the citizens. But today (not only today from childhood onwards) i wonder whether the rights are for Humans or not. Most of us seems not aware of them (because it is not one of the property or voting right). Civil rights has to provide a natural protection and state of living to humans by the Government. I see they are preserved mostly for Males.

1. A Male is not killed when he is born
2. He is not arrested inside the social and cultural walls (I mean he is given freedom to do what ever)
3. Forgiven if he commits a mistake (How big it might be)
4. Most important thing is MALE DOMINATION SOCIETY (I hate to hear and say this but no option now)

Its our society. We should protect it. Females also need same rights and equal proportions of opportunities and protection.

OHIS (Our horrible Indian Society, of course we are part of it) kills a female at the time of its birth itself. After its birth, house arrest and prohibits to undergo education. Up to the end of the life come across harassment and abuse. We need to care about females too. I am a part of this society and i support CIVIL rights. (I know this wont help our govt which is hungry for money). If you want to preserve Civil rights please join with me.

P.S: Many of you are fortunate to be cared (equally as males) . But my concerns are about those who are not cared.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thanks to AKANKSHA...


My sincere thanks to AKANKHA ( team who have been doing wonderful things for more than an year. Your activities like conducting blood camps and fundrasing for children and supporting the poor and orphens inspire many people. Our support is always there for you. I wish you could do more great things in near future. Its my honor to address you here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Story of a Street Children....

Hello Guys,

I am going to tell you a short story regarding a street children today. In this REAL story there is boy named BOY (i dont want to reveal his name here). He is 12 years old from a poor family. He has a younger sister. He never go to school as he is so poor. He was working with his father as a worker in the farm in his childhood. His father is drinker and imagine how the home would be, its like hell everyday. One day when the BOY returned to his home, in the night his father came drunk and beat him and his mother like a beast. He didnt tolerate it any more and planed to escape from home. Finally the very next day he left home and went to city. In the city he was collecting the papers and glasses form the trash. We was a hopeless. No sufficient food, Starving and using the earned little money for drugs, cigaretts and drinking. He is loosing his Beautiful childhood. Now who is going to Help him. There are lot of people like this BOY in the STREETS, in the RAILWAY STTIONS, in the BUS STANDS... We see everyday but we dont care them. We try to give some money. But is that very helpful ot them. Is it sufficient to lead his life. I am not saying to donate lot of money. ATLEAST JOIN THEM IN THE NEAR ORPHANAGES OR CHILD HOMES... Please save their childhood. If we all indians take care of the poor then they will take care of the next generation. Atleast we can guide them in the right way, not just leaving them alone. We can give a support to them. We can stand beside them. Lets give them a beatiful life. Lets give what we got in our childhood, lets keep them smiling and make them well educated and to grow them as a good citizens.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Are We Dumb...?

Hello Everyone,

I hope all have a good time now... We all listen to the voice of people who suffer, who are in vulnerable condition, but we don't respond. The service to orphans is not only enough. Helping to fellow Indians is also equally important. I notice lot of people helping children but how about the old people, Who are hated and left alone on the streets by the sons and daughters who cares for money more than a human... Who really cares for them. We see lot of people who are helplessly left alone, we look at them and show sympathy. It should not be stopped there. We must help them and make a change in their life. WE ARE NOT DUMB... We should raise our voice. IF we want make a change in the society, If we really want to change this world, we have to start changing it at our home, at our friends and at our families. Its our country and these are our people, Our friends, our relative, neighbors ... We all have the RESPONSIBILITY to help them. Its not an exam where you do it only one day. We are really fortunate enough that we live well, but think about what if we don't have minimum needs.. how we would be...? Lets unite and work together, Raise our voice to hear this world that we are changing this world and taking this towards Humanity.

Help everyone and let everyone Help you...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Blood Group and Donation

Hello All,

This is the step one taken in the New year Resolution. We see lot of people need of blood in emergency and some of the blood banks also some time cant provide it at some time. The amount of blood we need in India per year is 2 Million Units. The blood bank and other resources cant provide all the required blood to the patients in time. So its ending in death results, which is very unfortunate. The medication and its components availability must be improved.

To rescue these causalities, We have to make a forward step. So i am here by mentioning the list of the blood banks and other resources where you can get blood immediately (Most of the States are listed but all are not covered):

Here is the statistics of the blood banks and also the available blood banks are listed

I also strongly request you all to please donate the blood. Be as a member of some blood bank and they can offer you all the information about the blood and its availability. You can spread that information to others who need it. In two ways you are helping two lives to survive. We all are human, please help others. Rescue their life. Save other humans and later they will save you. Please donate your blood.

P.S: Most importantly some private blood institutes collect blood for free and sells it to make some money. Be ware of them and make donations towards blood camps and public institutes. Please Mention your name and details and your blood group in the comments, So that we can contact you if we need blood immediately. You can give your blood IN PLACE when ever needed by a patient. Please remember that your donation will rescue a life. Please leave your details in comments.

If you need more information don't hesitate, please do contact me.

New Year Resolutions -- 009

Hello every one,

I hope all of you enjoyed your new year well. Also i hope you are making some new year resolutions for this year, New plans, new work etc. I hope all they work and success. I request you make a new resolutions in your efforts to help others also. Because we can only change this country, change these people and help other. The problem is the Government in one of the big country like India, where the population is in billions and has a diversity of cultures, can not take care of all the issues. Its really hard for any government to do that. Some political or social or economical powers and issues can stop to do most of the government responsibilities.

But as a citizens we have the responsibility to help other citizens and this cant be stop by anyone. So lets start the work and help the poor. Don't sit still and watch the show but be a part of it. Please help others. They may be your friends, neighbors or people you don't know. Start from one and keep increasing the count.

Make new resolution and try to help the needy as much as you can. You contribution is so worth, that it changes a life. Think about this. If one rupee is donated from all the citizens of India then it will make 1 billion which is sufficient to fund the needy. So your contribution towards that goal is so important may be it is one rupee. But it worth more in the count.

So pledge our self to help others and make the India prosperous and let us develop the country. Lets change it. Lets start the first step of our journey now...

P.S: I will be glad to interact with all people who can take part this resolution... please leave comments and lets make a team...