Monday, June 16, 2008

All We Need is Information

Hello all...

I know that many of the people want to help the others or poor people or children... But they think that they really need money to help them. Its not correct always. Reality is that most of the time you don't need money to help others. All you need is to provide information and your helping hand. Let me tell you about this in detail.

If you find an orphan in the streets or in a railway station or in a bus station, then you can join him in the near by orphanage. To do that all you need is to know near by orphanage. If you find old men then you can join them in old age homes which accommodate the old people for free of cost. You find one near to your location and join them in it, at least they can get food and shelter. If some one is looking for money support for education or surgery etc. then you can tell them where they can get the scholarships for their study or the inst offering the education for free of cost. In case of surgery etc. you can provide information for them about the inst.s where they make surgeries etc. for less or no money.

So people all we need is information MOST OF THE TIMES. So we can search and give the information. Its in our hands. So please don't delay. Get the information required and distribute between the people. Please know the near by NGOs or Orphanages or Old age homes etc. also know about the inst where people can their needs for low cost or for free. If you know about them please post them in comment section. I will make it available for all others. Wake up.. and Know the information and pass it on...


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