Monday, January 5, 2009

Blood Group and Donation

Hello All,

This is the step one taken in the New year Resolution. We see lot of people need of blood in emergency and some of the blood banks also some time cant provide it at some time. The amount of blood we need in India per year is 2 Million Units. The blood bank and other resources cant provide all the required blood to the patients in time. So its ending in death results, which is very unfortunate. The medication and its components availability must be improved.

To rescue these causalities, We have to make a forward step. So i am here by mentioning the list of the blood banks and other resources where you can get blood immediately (Most of the States are listed but all are not covered):

Here is the statistics of the blood banks and also the available blood banks are listed

I also strongly request you all to please donate the blood. Be as a member of some blood bank and they can offer you all the information about the blood and its availability. You can spread that information to others who need it. In two ways you are helping two lives to survive. We all are human, please help others. Rescue their life. Save other humans and later they will save you. Please donate your blood.

P.S: Most importantly some private blood institutes collect blood for free and sells it to make some money. Be ware of them and make donations towards blood camps and public institutes. Please Mention your name and details and your blood group in the comments, So that we can contact you if we need blood immediately. You can give your blood IN PLACE when ever needed by a patient. Please remember that your donation will rescue a life. Please leave your details in comments.

If you need more information don't hesitate, please do contact me.


POTLURI said...

Hello Every one,
I am Prudhvi Potluri. My blood group is B +ve. Anyway who is in real need in my near place do contact me for blood (If it is life saving condition bcz i m not supposed to donate much blood).

Thank you,
Prudhvi Potluri

POTLURI said...

I forgot to mention my details, I m in philadelphia, Pennsylvania state, usa.

yamini meduri said...

helo Prudhvi

nice post....!!!

i am B+ve too....!! i am also a life member of Indian Red Cross Society

i always wanted to donate blood but could not coz of my ill health. so we conduct some blood donations camps where people voluterily donate blood and be a part of any social cause...!!!

nice post dear..!!!