Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolutions -- 009

Hello every one,

I hope all of you enjoyed your new year well. Also i hope you are making some new year resolutions for this year, New plans, new work etc. I hope all they work and success. I request you make a new resolutions in your efforts to help others also. Because we can only change this country, change these people and help other. The problem is the Government in one of the big country like India, where the population is in billions and has a diversity of cultures, can not take care of all the issues. Its really hard for any government to do that. Some political or social or economical powers and issues can stop to do most of the government responsibilities.

But as a citizens we have the responsibility to help other citizens and this cant be stop by anyone. So lets start the work and help the poor. Don't sit still and watch the show but be a part of it. Please help others. They may be your friends, neighbors or people you don't know. Start from one and keep increasing the count.

Make new resolution and try to help the needy as much as you can. You contribution is so worth, that it changes a life. Think about this. If one rupee is donated from all the citizens of India then it will make 1 billion which is sufficient to fund the needy. So your contribution towards that goal is so important may be it is one rupee. But it worth more in the count.

So pledge our self to help others and make the India prosperous and let us develop the country. Lets change it. Lets start the first step of our journey now...

P.S: I will be glad to interact with all people who can take part this resolution... please leave comments and lets make a team...


yamini meduri said...

Hello Prudhvi...!!!

Happy new year friend...!!!

I have a similar kind of resolution this year and thanks for your brought some strength to my resolution.

wil definitely keep not just this yar but in my entire life...!!

Keep blogging Friend..!!!

POTLURI said...

Thank yamini,
Now onwards i will keep posting.. I want to make this blog dynamic. So I will spend some time on it. I try to post every day if not once in 2 days. I am glad that you also have the similar kind of resolutions for this year. My support is always there for you.

Thank you,