Friday, January 16, 2009

Are We Dumb...?

Hello Everyone,

I hope all have a good time now... We all listen to the voice of people who suffer, who are in vulnerable condition, but we don't respond. The service to orphans is not only enough. Helping to fellow Indians is also equally important. I notice lot of people helping children but how about the old people, Who are hated and left alone on the streets by the sons and daughters who cares for money more than a human... Who really cares for them. We see lot of people who are helplessly left alone, we look at them and show sympathy. It should not be stopped there. We must help them and make a change in their life. WE ARE NOT DUMB... We should raise our voice. IF we want make a change in the society, If we really want to change this world, we have to start changing it at our home, at our friends and at our families. Its our country and these are our people, Our friends, our relative, neighbors ... We all have the RESPONSIBILITY to help them. Its not an exam where you do it only one day. We are really fortunate enough that we live well, but think about what if we don't have minimum needs.. how we would be...? Lets unite and work together, Raise our voice to hear this world that we are changing this world and taking this towards Humanity.

Help everyone and let everyone Help you...