Friday, July 3, 2009

Thanks to AKANKSHA...


My sincere thanks to AKANKHA ( team who have been doing wonderful things for more than an year. Your activities like conducting blood camps and fundrasing for children and supporting the poor and orphens inspire many people. Our support is always there for you. I wish you could do more great things in near future. Its my honor to address you here.


yamini meduri said...

hey Prudhvi

thanks yaar....i am seriously surprised to see the Alankriti poster in your blog...and thanks a ton for your support...!!

the Moral Support you give encourage us too...thanks dear..!!!

PrudHvi said...

Hello Yami,
My support always there for good people like you... You are really doing amazing things. I have to thank you for all your work and effort. My support is always there for you,,,